Fr. Davis Message May 2k20

1st May, 2020
May 1st, the beginning of another month, dedicated to Mother Mary and Rosary. Please  consecrate your  family to the protection of Mary our Mother by reciting the  Rosary as  family prayer every day. You will experience great healing and consolation. Today on the feast of St. Joseph d worker let us pray for all migrant workers who are stranded in different parts of d country. 
Message: Joshua 1:9 Have I not commanded you ? Be strong and  of good courage;  be not frightened, neither be dismayed; for the  the Lord your  God is with you wherever you go.
The Risen Lord is with you. The one who suffered, died and rose from d dead is with you. He knows what we are going through. We do not know what d future holds, but one thing we know that our future is in his hands. So be positive and optimistic. God bless you all.   
Fr. Davis  George
2nd May, 2020

“I will never fail you nor forsake you” Amazing words of reassurance at this time of uncertainty and fear due to corona pandemic.  Invisible virus teaching humankind the art of living!  We will emerge as better human beings.
3rd May, 2020

Prabhu mera charvaha hai.   Muje kisi bath ki kami nahi…. Chahe Anderi ghatti hoker jana hi kyon  na pade, Muje kisi anisth ki ashanka nahi, kyomki thu mere sath rahtha hai.  During the quarantine time let us not get depressed disillusioned, discouraged, feeling lonely and isolated.  God is with you.  He is leading humankind to a better way of life.  More time for oneself, family exercise, rest, prayer, meditation, reading listening to music, reviewing one’s own life goals.  Less global warming, less pollution, less consumption, less orragance, less selfishness.  More fresh air and love.
4th May, 2020

5th May, 2020 
 6th May, 2020

“Even to your old age and grey hairs I will carry you.” During this quarantine time we need to develop our immunity system to resist the invisible Covid 19 virus. We also need to focus on strengthening our spiritual immunity system. For this we must listen to words of reassuring from God. When we pray we talk to God, when we meditate we listen to God. Plug into the source of life. Keep your soul for recharging. God is never dumb. We may be deaf. He has made you will deliver you from this global pandemic. Only those who believe in the invisible can do the impossible. If only you will listen and reform, he will redeem you. DG, SAIT.
7th May, 2020

 “Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?  I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”  Lock down period has seen so many new initiatives.  On the learning, working, banking, commerce, conference, Religious service and the list goes on.  Learning to stay at home, take care of health, food and hygiene.   Be in the sun, look at the stars in the sky, slow down and enjoy the nature.  Building new competencies, strategies to deal with life situation.  Overcome fear and build resilience.  New priorities in life.  Necessity is the mother of invention.  Have a sense of wonder and gratitude.  The universe is evolving to set global priorities right.  DG, SAIT
8th May, 2020

 “Do not let your hearts be troubled.  You trust in God, trust also in me,” said Jesus.  Who is not troubled during this lock down period?  Covid 19 patients, Doctors, Nurses, Administration, Migrant workers, Daily wage earners and thus goes the lists.  Trust in God, the Creator of the Universe can give us inner strength.  Let nothing disturb you or frighten you.  All things are passing.  God alone remains.  This global pandemic will also pass.  This is an opportune time to align with God’s plan for humankind.  Just as a child trusts his father or mother we need to trust in his wisdom and providence.  With God we shall do bravely.  Trust God and do good; make our life meaningful.  DG, SAIT.
 9th May, 2020

“In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.”  This profound truth and simple logic of life, we are realizing during this lockdown period.  Hectic life and never ending activities, resulting in sickness, loneliness and depression.   Feels depleted from within.  Quality of life slowly vanishes.  Insatiable desires and constant discontentment.  It’s time to return to the roots.  The Universe needs to balance all the elements.  Human beings need to replenish his impoverished soul, mind and body.  The invisible Dr. Corona is prescribing what we should do.  Learn to be silent from within.  All what we are looking for outside is within you.  DG, SAIT.

11th May, 2020
12th May, 2020
13th May,2020 
14th May,2020
 15th May, 2020
16th May, 2020
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25th May,2020
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27th May, 2020


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