One Man with God is Always in Majority

One man with God is always in majority
Who can be against you, if God is for you?
Number is decisive, majority counts, they say;
So they buy people who have no courage of conviction;
Majority is made on the foundation of shifting sand.
As it was made, so it collapsed.
Confusion confounded was the result Bedlam;
No one knows who is for whom; suspicion creeps in.
Majority, in number? No one knows.

The number makes all the difference! Without, it crumbles.
And yet, "unless the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain"
Put not your trust in Princes and Chariots, as they cannot save.
Whom would you please?
Minority in the right, or majority in the wrong?
Playing to the gallery, the easiest thing to do.
Cheap popularity, easy to achieve.
But as the flower blooms and withers.
It blooms and withers, faster than they think.
Only the man with God endures.